jet with Air Indica livery

4:20 to Denver

by Lindsey Eck

Feelin’ kinda rocky
Feelin’ kinda low
I want to get to know
So give me a ticket
and make it express
I’ll bet you can guess
why I’m flying out West

I’m on the 4:20 to Denver
Mile-high city, mile-high city
On the 4:20 to Denver
Mile high city, oh, yeah

It’s late afternoon
but it’s still the red eye
The in-flight movie
is Return of the Jedi
That’s what I get
for traveling coach
Someone hands me a roach
as we make our approach

I’m on the 4:20 to Denver …

You can vape
You can puff
You can keep on buying
till you’ve had enough

I’ll head for the lounge
’cause I’m a gold member
I won’t have to scrounge
or take a cab into Denver
When I finally leave town
I’m not gonna remember
what I did in September
or what they put in the blender

On the 4:20 to Denver …

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Illustration by Darian Eck.