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Professional editing and design. Books, articles, technical materials, promo.

“As an editor, Lindsey Eck is simply brilliant. Not only does he find mistakes but also he goes to the substance of the issues. He is an intelligent and creative thinker. He is also one of the most cultured and versatile people I know. He is an honest mirror of my work and a constant force to help me improve myself. As a person, Lindsey is a wonderful human being — conscientious, hard-working, and forever pleasant. No matter how tight deadlines have been, Lindsey has been a thorough, insightful, and reliable editor. It has been a gratifying experience to work with such an excellent editor for the last two decades.”
— Young-Key Kim-Renaud, Professor of Korean Language and Culture and International Affairs and Chair, East Asian Languages and Literatures, The George Washington University.


Besides having designed this site and serving as its Webmaster, Lindsey Eck is also the designer and Webmaster of

Web pages, graphics, streaming audio, PDFs — the tools and skills are here to make your Web site unique and personal to you.


High-quality engraving of scores, whether a simple vocal + piano arrangement or a full-length work for orchestra. View samples: Patricia Long’s Sanctus and Magnificat (excerpt).

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