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So Long, Sixth Street?
A longer version of “Fear and Loathing on Sixth Street” (see below)

Originally posted June 2000
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Defining Country Music
It ain’t like porn: Even when we hear it, we cain’t define it

Bad Subjects 56, Summer 2001
Home Isn’t Where the Work Is
Austin’s Casa Marianella and the ambiguously legal worker

Bad Subjects 54, March 2001
The Idea of Border at Eagle Pass
The U.S.–Mexico border is a permeable membrane

Bad Subjects 53, January 2001
Moving Meditation, Materialism, and Mao
Sociocultural and political aspects of internal kung fu

Bad Subjects 51, January 2001
Fear and Loathing on Sixth Street
Can high-tech and the arts coexist in Austin?

Bad Subjects 50, June 2000

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UT Wind Ensemble  ·  John Corigliano’s Circus Maximus
No strings attached.

21 February 2005
Brunch With Angst
The wicked Ai Ling Xi finds the sausage at Ancho’s awfully pink.

From Hey! Hey! Buffet! 7, Fall 1996
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CNN  ·  Headline News
The network’s gaudy makeover belongs in Vegas, not Atlanta

Bad Subjects, 5 Sept. 2001
Terrence McNally  ·  Corpus Christi
More kudos than controversy when it plays Austin

Bad Subjects, 18 Aug. 2001
New Texas Music Works  ·  St. John Passion
Bach’s masterwork resonates in the punishment capital

Bad Subjects, 21 June 2001
Beyoncé et al.  •  Hip Hopera: Carmen
MTV takes Knowles, Destiny’s Child, and Mos Def on a camp-out

Bad Subjects, 22 May 2001
H. Lesley Adams  •  Love Rejoices
Darryl Taylor sings Adams with a spare piano accompaniment

Bad Subjects, 23 Feb. 2001

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Leaves of Oak:  Current series  •  Archives
Occasional essays
I Feel Left Behind by the Militia Movement
So I’m declaring the Banana Republic of Tejas

From 2001 (Plum Creek) Tales 8:19, 30 Apr. 1997
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There Is No Joy in Bushville
Following Election 2000, Austin fails to share Texas’ glee

Bad Subjects, 5 Sept. 2001

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