by Lindsey Eck

The world needs another highway
To bring B closer to A
Let me stow my load for the road
And I’m on my way
When this stone town starts grinding me down
I hit the ground and leave it behind
Now I’ll get mine
On IH-69

Down here in Texas
We’re pretty reckless
We don’t need whiners, wimps, or hecklers
But here in Texas
The law protects us
With cops like Tyrannosaurus rexes
And Bubba’s always packing a piece
That’s his peace of mind

Well, I’m all for another highway
’Cause I’ve got a whole lotta drive
Fix my hair, debonair
Hit the air, I’m there by five
Now, you push me to an illegal speed
But, lover, I can cover the fine
Follow the sign
To IH-69

Well, I’m all for another highway
If it brings me closer to you
Make a plan, buy the land
Take command and ram it through
North to south, by word of mouth
We’re gonna find a way to combine
And we’ll do fine
On IH-69

Down here in Texas
The road connects us
No matter if you’re in a Ford or Lexus
And here in Texas
We’re at the nexus
Of a whole new communion of the sexes
We’ve got more miles to go
Till I know you're mine
But we’ll do fine
On IH-69

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© MMIII Corner Oak Music Enterprises, a branch of The Corner Oak. All rights reserved to author.