by Lindsey Eck
Angry white males on their way to work
Swearing and swerving and driving berserk
My life's being threatened by some little jerk
And — I'm overheating
I'm getting even

Road rage
I don't know how to act my age
Road rage
The needle's in the red on my gauge
If you cut me off on the Interstate
I just might have to retaliate
Road rage
Mine's in a terminal stage

Too many hormones and not enough time
Much too important to be waiting in line
The horsepower's rising from the base of my spine
And — I got the muscle
You better hustle

Road rage . . .

Long on aggression and short of breath
I never back down from a fight to the death
My heart rate's quick like I'm addicted to meth
And — my timer's ticking
Let's see who's chicken

Road rage . . .

IH-69  •  Highway Treasures

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