by Lindsey Eck

For the libretto of his full-length sacred work in progress, Lindsey has adapted Matthew 5–7 into verse in contemporary English vernacular, suitable for singing. This is very much a draft version, subject to revisions as the work takes shape, but it is at least, finally, complete.

These lyrics are intended to represent the ideas of the Sermon to an audience familiar with contemporary idiom, both linguistic and musical. They are not a literal translation of the words of Jesus but an attempt to convey their spirit in a musical work of our time.

The lyrics are presented here in PDF files.

1. Blessed Are (Matthew 5:3–13)

2. You Are the Salt (5:14–16)

3. To Fulfill (5:17–20)

4. You’ve Heard It Said 1 (5:21–26)

5. You’ve Heard It Said 2 (5:27–37)

6. You’ve Heard It Said 3 (5:38–48)

7. Don’t Flaunt Your Charity (6:1–9a)

8. The Lord’s Prayer (6:9b–13)

9. Fasting (6:14–18)

10. Treasures (6:19–34)

11. Judgment and Vision (7:1–5)

12. Ask and Receive (7:6–14)

13. Know Them by Their Fruits (7:15–20)

14. Not Everyone Shall Reap the Kingdom’s Reward (7:21–23)

15. Foundations (7:24–27)

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