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Meditation for Healing

by Daniel Staite

For this meditation I would like you to focus on a point in your life when you felt joy and bring that back into your heart so you can feel the energy. Let it swell in your body. Let it fill your heart. You want to feel it in your emotional fields. You want to feel it through all your bodies.

Joy is the first step to finding your love again. Some can easily pull their love forward. If you are one of those, when I use the word joy, please use your love.

Begin: breathe in, breathe out. Pull the joy in. Feel it. As we begin this journey, send your love and your joy from your body as a pink light and bring it forward. Forward in time, and back in time—to heal yourself in the past and to recreate you in the future.

So I want you to start beginning to focus on the future, filling it with a pink light. Just start with this afternoon or tomorrow. Imagine the whole day with a pink light. Allow it to glow. See your life as a pink glow. See your body as a pink glow. Absorb the glow and adhere to it. Allow it to fill your body and allow it to fill your mind. Allow it to fill all of you. Smile. Enjoy the changes. Allow the separation of other energies. Allow them to drop away.

Send your joy to your family—friends—see their faces turn pink with the light. Let them illuminate and then allow their joy to come back to you. And accept their joy.

Send joy to your stability. Send joy to your structure. And then receive the joy back. Let it fill your body like a balloon, expanding, exiting the physical body, entering the energetic. Allow it to keep moving past your body, till—not just you—but the energies in the air around you start to glow pink. Focus on your life and how your life revolves, how your life moves. Fill that with joy.

You are joyfully moving through life with friends, family, coworkers. Now receive the joy back into your body. Allow it to grow. Allow it to vibrate. Allow it to heal. Any restrictions you feel, allow to be pushed away … separating … release. You are on a track to the new body, a new life—a life filled with joy and love. A life of abundance.

The beginning step is to re-realize that what you manifest is stronger manifested when you are joyful and at peace.

Again, fill your body with joy and allow the pink light to make your body glow and to make the energy around you grow, the area glow. The air around your body should be glowing.

Send your joy to all the things you trust. To your family, your friends. Receive the joy back. Allow your body to fill it, to expand, to integrate it. Send forth your joy into all things you believe in: religion, politics, ideas, and concepts. Fill them with joy and then receive the joy back from them.

Now send joy to all you hold dearest in your faith. Allow the faith and the joy to come back into you.

Know that, by putting joy inside the things you believe, trust, and have faith in, it makes things stronger. It makes you stronger. It keeps you balanced. It keeps you unwavering in your path.

Again, send your joy to all things you have trust, faith, and belief in. And allow your joy to be returned. Feel the energy change. Feel the body change. Feel the mind grow quieter. Allow all things to separate that cause resistance. And then release it. Allow it to drop into the earth and be cleansed and balanced. Free yourself from the walls and the blockages that you have and allow your joy to take over.

Allow yourself to be filled with your own joy. Let it stretch, and let it grow larger than it was before. Send it out from your body in all directions, in all planes. Send it out with your love and allow it to come back. Send it out to those who are close. Send it to those who have been forgiven. Send it to those who have been saved. Send it to those who need to be forgiven and allow it to be returned.

Send your joy to all those who have asked for apologies, or who have given apologies. Fill them with your light—your pink light. Allow them to feel your joy. And allow the joy to be returned.

Open your mind. Send forgiveness forward in time to all those who offend you. To all the sayings you think you’ve heard. Forgive all for all of their trespasses. Allow the joy to fill all, and now let it return back into you. Let it expand. Feel the change. Feel how the energy is now pulsing through your body. Feel a stronger awareness throughout your body—quieter mind, a more relaxed spirit.

Send your joy to the world—all the people. Allow the earth to be covered with your pink light. And then send an apology. Say, I request your forgiveness, and allow it to be returned.

Feel the energy. Keep sending the pink light to the world and send forgiveness. Open up the doors and allow it to flow. And then receive it back. Accept the forgiveness. Accept the joy. Allow yourself to be healed, and allow your mind and body to become calm. All that’s blocking, allow to be pushed out, completely separated from all of your bodies, released, and dropped into the earth.

You are free from all that is not forgiveness and joy. You are free from all thoughts that are not forgiveness and joyful. Fill your body again with joy and rejoice in your forgiveness. Rejoice in your love.

Send joy to all those who you love, who you have loved, and those who you don’t know who you will love. Send it to the past, the present, and the future.

Feel your joy return. Feel it fill your heart, your mind, all your consciousnesses. Allow it to fill all your bodies.

Send love to your heart. Send joy to your heart. As you fill it with your pink light, now feel the change in your energies, and feel the change in your body. Allow your thoughts to be of nothing but love and joy.

Send love and joy to all the faces that come to your mind, to all the things you treasure. Send love and joy to the earth for all those who need help, and allowing it to be returned, making you stronger and more at peace, more quiet in your minds.

You will need only the one true voice and your divine self. Separate all others and release all other voices. Allow them to float away. Allow them to be filled with love and joy.

Fill the earth, all people, all energies with your love and joy. Let your heart open, your chest expand. Let your love flow to all. Let your forgiveness fill all. Let you be at peace.

And allow your love to flow. Send it forth to all that you have gratitude for, to all that you are thankful for, for all the things you will be thankful for, and allow your love to be returned. And enjoy all the gifts you have received and all the gifts you will be receiving. Be thankful before you have even received them. Understanding this makes the gifts more dear to you.

Send love to all things you are grateful for. Receive your love. Let it expand, let it fill your bodies, let it fill your heart. Let your emotions feel your gratitude and your love. Remove all that is restrictive, all that is blocking. And release, release with your joy.

Separate and fulfill the cords and watch them fall into the earth. Be grateful you are healing yourself and setting yourself free.

Send your love and joy to you. Be grateful for who you are, and what you are becoming, and what you have become, and what you came from. Receive your love and joy. Let it fill and let it change your energy. Let it attract. Let it change your mind. Let it heal your body.

Fill yourself with love. Fill yourself with joy, and rejoice in gratitude. Rejoice in yourself. Praise yourself. Send your praise forth, and receive it back. And feel the love that resides in praise.

Send your love and joy forth. See the pink light glow. Send it to all the lessons you have learned, and all the lessons you are going to learn—all the lessons you have physically felt, and all the lessons have watched. And allow the vibration and the love to fill your body. Feel the change, and feel the adjustment in your vibration.

Send your love forth, filling wisdom and knowledge to all. Allow purity and divine sight to be sent. And receive your love and joy back. Allow it to fill your body, your minds. Enjoy the vibration. Feel the tingle from head to toe.

See the glow—the pink glow. Fill love to all who have taught you in schools, as friends, family. All those who have taught you at work … social gatherings. Open the door so love can come back. Allow it to flow freely. Separate anything that blocks your love to being returned. Release it, cut the cords, and allow it to drop into the earth and be cleansed so that you are free from your walls.

Send your love forth to yourself for all the lessons you have learned, for all the issues that have come to your life. Understand that your love could have healed the wounds of certain lessons. Receive your love back and allow it to fill you, make you strong and peaceful. Feel your joy and allow it to make you happy. Smile and rejoice. Feel the energy grow. Allow your love and joy to push past your body and your energetic fields and know that there are balancing wisdom and balance—for you are loved, and you are full of joy.

Take your love and your joy and hold it in you. Honor the feeling of love and joy. Honor yourself for taking this step to hold it and become part of it and to reintegrate it into your life. Give yourself honor for the task that you have made and the decisions you have taken. And fill yourself with love and joy on this day and in the future.

Send out love and joy to those who have honored you in your walk and have helped you, who have sent you awards and praised you—who have taught you and assisted you in honoring yourself. Send love and joy to those in the future who will assist you in your walk and your decisions. And you can rejoice in the honor you receive and you can feel the worth in the blessings that you bestow upon others.

Allow your love and joy to be returned into you.

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