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Meditation for Interpersonal Relations

by Daniel Staite

Root and Heart • Basic and Sacral • Navel and Ming Men • Solar Plexus • Throat • Crown • Third Eye / Ajna • Closure


This meditation has been designed to help create interpersonal relationships. To make your life easy, more content, and more pleasing—to understand that each person in your life is in your social circle and to assist you in your choices and the road you have chosen to walk.

When you choose a new path or road consciously, your conscious and unconscious minds start manifesting new interpersonal relationships to assist you. These manifestations can heal and redirect or correct the intimate circle that surrounds you.

This meditation will remove and subdue the energies that block you from a chosen path and from chosen insights. There will be tones played that are to activate and engage your mind and your physical and energetic bodies. This will help heal and release energies, thoughts, and learned lessons that need to be corrected.

My voice will be soft and quiet to help the meditation journey. That is so you will set aside time to do the meditation.

As we begin, know that pink and green colors represent love. Gold will be used for purity, honor, gratitude, forgiveness, and trust.

For this meditation to work optimally, you should be in the mindset of joy, relaxed and comfortable, with a smile on your face.

This is a guided meditation through you by alternative arts of healing. This meditation will assist you in choosing a path that is more divine, healthy, and flowing.

Thank you.

Main meditation
Root and Heart

Find a thought, a moment that fills your self with joy. Pull that thought into your body. Let it grow from your stomach, and allow it to flow. See the soft, pink light leave your center as the joy expands.

Basic and sacral

Those whom you love or have loved. Imagine your friends or family, all that you use, all that use you. This is your interpersonal circle. Fill their names, faces, and beings with a mixture of gold and pink light.

This is sending honor, praise, forgiveness, trust, love, joy, and peace.

This also fills you with the same vibration and frequencies. You will feel the energies, the frequencies, and vibrations change around you. Accept the change. Accept it in your body. Use the vibrations to quiet the mind. Distractions you feel, hear, or see should have pink and gold light sent to them from your chest. To remove, separate from your being. Do it with the pink and gold light.

Navel and ming men

Send forgiveness and love and it is fulfilled.

Send this separation of light with love and joy.

Do all with love and joy. Smile. Feel the peace engulf, fill your body. Let waves of peace leave your body. Let it create a shield through your aura. Let love separate you temporarily from the world. Let it fulfill you. Let it fulfill those who are part of you, those who you love. Let it fill those you’ve met and have ever met.

All will accept. Their degree of acceptance will vary. Honor them for their acceptance, fill them with pink and gold light. Let it swirl around you and those in your inner circle.

See them, feel their energies, feel the cords separating. Know that you are trusting in yourself and believing in yourself.

Feel the changes. See the changes. Feel the air around your body change. See those around you change. Know and believe you are changed.

Imagine the pink and gold swirls with sparkles. Have it vibrate in your bodies and in all consciousness both in yourself and in your inner circle.

Fill them all. See them fulfilling their own inner circle with pink and gold light. See it spread. See it create forgiveness and awe.

Solar plexus

Feel the forgiveness freeing cords from your body and your mind: allowing you to speak with forgiveness and trust, allowing you to think with forgiveness and trust.

See those around you want your forgiveness and trust. See smiles upon their faces as they unconsciously accept it.

This is their mind and conscious food.

Fulfill them, allow them, and help them be content. Help them feel the peace. Help them free and learn with ease and love.

Praise yourself for the healing of you. Praise those around you for all that they do that brings you joy, creates simplicity in your life and an ease and flow. Send them pink and gold light from your chest.


Allow all to know by the light and by the frequencies and vibrations that you trust, forgive, praise them, and honor them for all they do that brings you joy. For warming your heart, for bringing you peace, reward all with pink and gold light consciously throughout the day for all little things. Your pink and gold light will unconsciously reward their minds for the smallest of actions, words, or thoughts.


This will become natural in the meditation and out of the meditation. People will want to please you unconsciously. Your inner circle will grow. Your relationships will grow. The simplicity of your life will grow. Your personal wealth and abundance will grow. Reward all for their actions and what they do—for smiles, hugs, and deeds.

Once you have started noticing the change, then begin using words. Thank you. You’ve honored me. I forgive you. Please forgive me. I believe in you. These words are healing.

Allow the pink and gold light to fulfill you. Allow those who you know to be fulfilled with it.

Third eye / ajna

Smile when the pink and gold leaves your body. Reward those actions that bring you joy with a smile. The smile will trigger your joy—your love—and your purity will be sent.

Allow yourself to receive—from yourself and from others—pink and gold light. This is healing your body. Each person you imagine has sent you pink and gold light during this meditation. Receive it, feel it, enjoy it. Allow it to bring you a smile.

Allow it to fill all that you are, all that you have ever been, and all that you will be.

Absorb the light, integrate it, and adhere to it.


Send your love forth, filling wisdom and knowledge to all. Allow purity and divine sight to be sent. And receive your love and joy back. Allow it to fill your body, your minds. Enjoy the vibration. Feel the tingle from head to toe.

See the glow—the pink glow. Fill love to all who have taught you in schools, as friends, family. All those who have taught you at work … social gatherings. Open the door so love can come back. Allow it to flow freely. Separate anything that blocks your love to being returned. Release it, cut the cords, and allow it to drop into the earth and be cleansed so that you are free from your walls.

Send your love forth to yourself for all the lessons you have learned, for all the issues that have come to your life. Understand that your love could have healed the wounds of certain lessons. Receive your love back and allow it to fill you, make you strong and peaceful. Feel your joy and allow it to make you happy. Smile and rejoice. Feel the energy grow. Allow your love and joy to push past your body and your energetic fields and know that there are balancing wisdom and balance—for you are loved, and you are full of joy.

Take your love and your joy and hold it in you. Honor the feeling of love and joy. Honor yourself for taking this step to hold it and become part of it and to reintegrate it into your life. Give yourself honor for the task that you have made and the decisions you have taken. And fill yourself with love and joy on this day and in the future.

Send out love and joy to those who have honored you in your walk and have helped you, who have sent you awards and praised you—who have taught you and assisted you in honoring yourself. Send love and joy to those in the future who will assist you in your walk and your decisions. And you can rejoice in the honor you receive and you can feel the worth in the blessings that you bestow upon others.

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