Oak People


Corner Oak honcho Lindsey Eck

Lindsey Eck

Lindsey Eck earned a bachelor’s degree from the College of William and Mary and two master’s from Harvard University. He taught English at Texas Lutheran College (now University) and has worked as an editor, staff writer, composer, and music engraver, among many other roles. He lives in the country outside of Austin. He holds a second-degree black belt in Shaolin kung fu and performs regularly in and around Austin, solo and with friends.

Artist-musician Darian Eck

Darian Eck

Darian Eck is a comix artist who works as an EMT in suburban Boston. He is songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist for Illicit Response; his long-time girlfriend Karla Almendarez plays bass, sings backup, and sometimes doubles on guitar or drums. Christian Aguilar, drummer, is the power third. They have become regular performers at such Boston-area venues as Copperfield’s, My House, and Paul’s Pub. They record both in their rehearsal space in Medford, Mass., and using Blue Oak equipment in Texas.

Daniel Staite, shaman

Daniel Staite

Daniel lives outside of Austin with his wife and two children. He served in the Marine Corps and is a lifelong student of the martial arts including kung fu, t’ai chi, and ju jitsu.

Daniel began his shaman training under the tutelage of his Indian grandmother 40 years ago. His passion for elemental healing was the inspiration for his CDs and his books. He believes that the manifestation of joy and love should be easier for all people. He invites you to enjoy the experience of healing yourself and those around you.

Blacktop Bend

Blacktop Bend

Formed in spring 2005 by George Rios (guitar) and Will Grover (mandolin), Blacktop Bend has undergone a musical evolution as unique as the music it has produced. As newcomers to the bluegrass scene, the two sought to define themselves within the framework of their bluegrass favorites while establishing a voice of their own, drawing on an array of influences and varied musical backgrounds. This voice is finally becoming evident in their soon-to-be-released debut CD, being recorded at Blue Oak Studio Space with bassist Justin Chomel and banjo player Janice Larsen and produced by Lindsey Eck.

Live performance is central to Blacktop Bend’s presence in today’s eclectic Austin acoustic scene. Touring since 2005, the band has developed great versatility in its performances, wowing audiences across Texas. The mix of original compositions with traditional bluegrass numbers gives the band a broad spectrum in which to display their technical chops, vocal abilities, and lyrical insight. A spirit of improvisation remains evident in live shows, which contributes to an ever growing population of returning fans.

Robin Arrieta at Blue Oak Studio Space

Robin Arrieta

As part owner of a holistic store called SOL Reflections, Robin Arrieta led a weekly angel group which included a guided meditation. Later, she was asked to facilitate a small meditation group for several years. Her voice is mesmerizing and extremely relaxing. Robin worked for several years in a hypnosis center learning to combine meditation and language for shifting behaviors and negative thinking. Taking this to the next level, she enjoys using guided meditation for physical regeneration and spiritual shift. By taking the listener into an alpha state, the subconscious mind is available and open to positive language that can create amazing shifts in core beliefs, behaviors, and patterns that no longer serve you.

Robin is a practicing reiki master and teacher. Reiki means ‘life-force energy’ and works on all levels of the body, mind, and spirit to release energy blocks and trauma stored within the physical being. She does Angel and Akashic Record Readings, and is certified in sacred space clearing. She has called Austin her home since 1976 and is doing her best to live Gandhi’s beautiful statement: Be the change you wish to see in the world.