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Empowerment Through Self-Love

After facilitating guided meditations for years, I worked for a hypnosis center that specialized in weight loss and smoking cessation by shifting negative into positive thinking. Watching people bloom with messages of self-worth inspired me to take it to a higher level of self-love and spiritual empowerment. Self-love heals wounds of the mind and body. You are amazing. It is my sincere hope that the loving, positive messages in this recording empower and inspire you while relaxing and healing you. — Robin

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Robin writes: Reiki is one of the most amazing stress reducers the body can experience. I’ve always felt that Reiki opens a sacred space that more easily allows beings of higher vibration to be present and participate in the healing. Reiki can gently release trauma or events that you have held in your cells and energy centers (chakras) not only from this lifetime, but from past lifetimes as well. You are shifting quickly now as you have set that intent. This means your body is ready to let go of the cellular memory or held energy associated with past events. This is a great opportunity to nurture yourself and rebalance your being into calmness so that you can quickly go to the next level. I see your Divinity and welcome you with a loving embrace.

An akashic reading opens a sacred field of protection, love, and truth. We call in your spirit guides and connect with your akashic records in which you have access to past-life information and possible unfoldment in this lifetime. You may bring in questions or I can pull cards for your guidance.

May you always be loving and kind to your beautiful self. Thank you for being here and thank you for being you!


To arrange a session with Robin or for more information, e-mail her or call her at 512-296-6489.

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