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The akashic records are known in the Bible as the Book of Life and referred to in virtually every spiritual teaching. They are the recording of the soul’s journey since inception as well as the possibilities of its unfolding in the future. The best intention for accessing the akashic records is to ask for guidance in the soul’s journey at this moment.

With the love and protection of Source, information is channeled from your angels, masters, teachers, spirit guides, and loved ones to answer questions about spiritual growth, lessons, dreams, relationships, repeating patterns, behaviors, and influences from past lives. These insights often provide new perspective and opportunities for growth and direction.

Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemy, trying to live up to some ideal or self-imposed goal. This creates stress and sabotages our self-esteem. Akashic-record readings can help reveal information that allows you to shift and see things from a higher perspective.

For best results, you may wish to bring a list of questions you would ask your guides and higher  self.

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