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Clearing sacred spaces is a spiritual method for clearing your house, workplace, or property to release negative energies and toxins and optimize the energy and health of the property and inhabitants. Many things can affect our living space. Geopathic stress, Hartmann Line stress, historic battles or events, accumulated negative energy, and spirits are common.

The Earth is a living being with meridian lines which distribute life-force energy throughout its body. This system has been overburdened with toxins—physical, psychic, and electromagnetic. These can be cleared, bringing in positive and calming energy.

Hartmann lines—discovered by Dr. Ernst Hartman in 1950—cover the entire earth as a grid of lines about 8 feet apart east to west and 6 feet apart north to south. In a study of 5,000 cancer patients, 92% slept in a bed on two intersecting Hartmann lines. Symptoms can include insomnia, heart attacks, blindness, cramps, rheumatism, and inflammation.

Geopathic lines are lines of electromagnetic energy that have a powerful influenceópositive or negativeóon living things. Bodily stress (or geopathic stress) is often caused by a geobiological stimulus. Geopathic stress can result in sleep disorders, tingling, numbness or pain in arms and legs, chronic fatigue, aching and swelling, dizziness, headaches, vision problems, disorientation, memory loss, instability, stress, nausea, inability to heal, allergies, problematic menstrual cycles, anxiety, ADD, depression, an inability to absorb vitamins and minerals, and even suicide. Geopathic stress can greatly affect the immune system.

Spirits can be stuck in an area from battles or unfinished business or for numerous other reasons. There are techniques to free these spirits and help them to go home.

A sacred-space clearing is intended to take the land back to the original creative blueprint of the mother-father spirit, transmuting and clearing any negative or toxic energy created by people, spirits, events, or technology. Everything within the perimeter is cleared as well.

Robin Arrieta is a certified practitioner in sacred-space clearing.

Fee: $125. This may be done remotely as well.
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