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What is reiki?

Reiki is an ancient, simple, natural, and safe process for healing on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels through light-touch healing. Reiki is one of the most amazing stress reducers the body can experience.

William Rand, author and teacher, said—after studying many healing modalities—that he found reiki to be the most powerful. He feels that reiki is a higher consciousness and knows what is needed for healing and regeneration. I’ve always felt that reiki opens sacred space that more easily allows beings of higher vibration to be present and participate in the healing. Reiki can gently release trauma or events that you have held in your cells and energy centers (chakras) not only from this lifetime, but from past lifetimes as well. You are shifting quickly now as you have set that intent. This means your body is ready to let go of the cellular memory or held energy associated with past events. Reiki provides the opportunity to nurture yourself and rebalance your being into a state of calm so that you can quickly go to the next level.

Who can reiki help?

Reiki appeals to all people, regardless of race, religion or nationality, because it is simply about energy and the human body’s use of energy. It is ideal for those dealing with stress that depletes the life-force energy. Animals can benefit greatly from reiki energy.

What is a reiki session like?

Reiki facilitators channel higher-dimensional, spiritually guided life-force energy. The energy is unconditionally loving and calms the body and mind so that deep healing can occur.

Reiki offers the receiver an invitation to heal. As the reiki facilitator channels and begins building energy just over the receiver’s body or lightly touching it, the receiver has the opportunity to match that energy through harmonic resonance or osmosis.

Many go so deeply into relaxation that they have visions and profound experiences. Others find freedom from insomnia and pain following their sessions. Most all will experience profound relaxation.

Nurturing the Self

We are living in challenging times and our bodies are feeling the stress of trying to balance our time and energies. All dis-ease—physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, or any combination of those—comes from the very parts of ourselves that are calling out for love and transformation. We can love ourselves into spiritual awakening and physical wellness in the same way that the Creator loved us into being. Reiki carries the vibration of Love.

Anyone can learn to tap into this higher energy of unlimited, Divine intelligence and unleash their inherent ability to facilitate reiki energy. Robin has been teaching reiki for over 10 years. One-on-one classes are available at levels I, II, and III (master).

Call Robin at 512 296-6489 to book a reiki session or reiki-practitioner training class.
Reiki session: $75/hour, $90 1½ hrs.
Reiki-practitioner training classes level I, II, III: $300 each level
(two days of class, 16 hours)


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