What’s New

9 June 2022

Lindsey Eck posts a music video based on a fantasy of falling in love on the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos).

25 May 2022

Lindsey Eck reacts to the mass shootings in Uvalde and Buffalo, and our now barbaric society in which you gun up or get shot by a racist Jesus nut.

25 November 2021

Another, creepier, lyric upload from Lindsey Eck: Day of the Dead—video coming soon.

13 June 2020

Lindsey Eck uploads lyrics to a new protest song inspired by the recent street uprisings and the removal of monuments to the Confederacy.

5 October 2018

The Oak springs back to life with a new discussion of Brett Kavanaugh before the Senate and Beto O’Rourke before the voters.

11 April 2015

Updated the performances page to include two new dates for the Blue Oak Singer-Songwriter Showcase Series and one in Llano, Texas.

22 March 2015

The Blue Oak Singer-Songwriter Showcase Series returns! Our new venue is Bella’s Under the Oaks in Lytton Springs, Texas. Booked so far: The Better Halves, Trio del Rio, and Tombstone Bullies.

15 January 2015

Lindsey returns from a three-year Web hiatus with a new toon reacting to the Paris shootings. Je suis Charlie.

14 May 2012

Blue Oak recording artist Nate Sacks has won this year’s Sea Level Singer-Songwriter Festival’s Emerging Artist Contest in his hometown of Norfolk, Virginia. WHRO-FM gave him a full hour on-air performance and interview (10 May on the calendar).

Newly posted: lyrics to Lindsey Eck’s Celtic Tiger.

30 March 2012

A new Leaves column asks you to give generously to keep a hapless musician supplied with beer.

20 December 2011

Substantial updates to the Blue Oak Record Group home page. Info on new releases by Lindsey Eck, Nate Sacks, Blacktop Bend, and Robin Arrieta. Links to buy CDs and downloads online, with sample audio clips.

17 November 2011

An especially biting new Leaves column draws a satirical parallel between the Penn State scandal and those at the Vatican. Also, new from Blue Oak Record Group (download at CD Baby): It’s a Shame, the new alt-country single from a forthcoming EP by Norfolk, Virginia–based alt-rocker Nate Sacks.

17 October 2011

Now available from Blue Oak recording artists Blacktop Bend: Biking with Beverly. Freshly cut bluegrass from the fields of Texas. Also, three new pages up from Robin Arrieta explaining reiki, akashic-record readings, and home and sacred-space clearing. Her discount continues through the end of October.

23 September 2011

Three Blue Oak artists, one day, four performances: Blacktop Bend (CD release!) in Leander, Texas; Lindsey Eck in Manor and Jollyville, Texas; and Illicit Response in Methuen, Mass. Sweet!

18 September 2011

Blue Oak Record Group’s newest release is from reiki master Robin Arrieta: Empowerment Through Self-Love. Buy it online at CDBaby.